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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you choose your package, you’ll receive instructions on contacting our Success Team, who will ask all the necessary questions and provide guidance.

Our team will respond to your order within 24 hours (usually less than 60 minutes), and your ETA will be determined based on the product you ordered.

Of course, the more details you provide to our team, the better your final product will turn out.

You do! Once we finish and hand over the finished product, it’s yours to manage and scale.

Yes, we do! We have clients worldwide, helping them start their online business journey.

Yes! Many of our clients don’t have any technical experience, yet they managed to grow their channels to +$1,000 per month.

The total cost depends on the type of products you’re interested in. Click on any of the products above to read more about prices.

Our friendly team will be happy to look into it and see what can be done.

DFY Dave does not have a monthly retainer or long-term contract. It’s only a one-time investment to get everything you need with a focus on providing high-quality services rather than a high volume of low-quality services. DFY Dave includes everything you need to get results (unlimited support, free course and trending guides (depending on the product you purchase); refer to the product page for information about free courses).

As our client, you get lifetime ongoing support for everything related to your done-for-you product. There are no extra fees or hidden costs.

For most of our clients, it typically takes them 30 days to see the first BIG results. However, depending on your business plan and strategy, it can take longer.

If, for any reason, the service does not turn out as you expected, we will diagnose the problem. We will also look at your business approach and see where the “weakest link” is. A significant part of online business is split testing and improving over time for better results. As one of our clients, we will help you with this whole process from start to finish.

If one of the products is out of stock, please fill out the email form on the product page or contact us at support@dfydave, and you’ll receive a notification in your email once the product is available again.

The payments can be declined for several reasons.

Make sure that:
1. Your payment details have been entered correctly,
2. Your credit/debit card is valid (and not expired),
3. You have available funds on your card.

Please note: Your chosen payment source has more information about why your payment was declined than us. Check with your bank or PayPal if payment issues arise.

If you still have issues with your payment, Try using a different payment option. Example: If you are using PayPal, consider using your credit card. If you still have payment issues, contact Customer Support.

You can review our refund policy here or contact our support if you have any questions.

Please get in touch with our Support Team via email at to check for any ongoing promotions.